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Best Places for Car Scrapping in Bristol

When it comes time to part ways with your old, worn-out vehicle, or end of life vehicle as sometimes referred too. Car scrapping is a responsible, profitable and eco-friendly choice. Bristol, a vibrant city, offers a range of options for car scrapping services. If you're in Bristol and looking for the best places to scrap your car, you're in luck. In this article, we'll explore some of the top car scrapping in Bristol , with a special focus on Abbey Scrap Cars.

Why Choose Car Scrapping?

Car scrapping, also known as car recycling or vehicle dismantling, involves disassembling a car. It's an environmentally conscious way to dispose of a car that has reached the end of its useful life. By scrapping your car in Bristol, you contribute to reducing landfill waste, conserving resources, and minimising pollution. What's more, Abbey Scrap Cars offers you a same day bank transfer for your old vehicle, making it a convenient option. You can use these extra funds to go towards a new car or just enjoy the money.

Abbey Scrap Cars: A Trusted Name in Bristol

Abbey Scrap Cars are regularly collecting scrap cars from in and around Bristol. With their dedication to excellent service and eco-friendly practices, they have earned a reputation for being a reliable and trustworthy choice for car scrapping. Here's why Abbey Scrap Cars stand out:

  • Efficient process: Scrapping a car should be hassle-free. Abbey Scrap Cars provide a simple and efficient process, ensuring that you can get rid of your old vehicle quickly and easily. You can contact them through their website or give them a free call, 0800 335 5780  to arrange the collection of your car.
  • Competitive prices: Abbey Scrap Cars offers competitive prices for your old vehicle. They assess your car's value based on factors such as its age, condition, make, and model, ensuring you receive a fair deal for your scrappable car.
  • Convenient collection times.
  • Proper documentation: The team at Abbey Scrap Cars ensures that all the necessary paperwork is handled correctly during the car scrapping process. All paperwork dealt with correctly with the DVLA. They issue a Certificate of Destruction (COD) on behalf of the DVLA. This will end all your legal responsibilities with the vehicle.
  • Reliable team: Abbey Scrap Cars is a trusted scrap car specialist. They are fully DVLA approved authorised treatment facility (ATF). This ensures that your car is being scrapped through a reputable facility.

Scrap Your Car the Easy Way at Abbey Scrap Cars

When it's time to scrap your old car in Bristol, Abbey Scrap Cars is the way to go. With a range of reliable and convenient options available, you can choose the best place for scrapping your vehicle.  Abbey Scrap Cars, with its efficient process, competitive prices, and commitment to the environment, stands out as an excellent choice. By opting for car scrapping, you not only bid farewell to your old vehicle responsibly but also contribute to a cleaner and greener environment, not to mention the extra money you'll make.

Abbey Scrap Cars are proud to be supporting the vital work of Great Western Air Ambulance Charity and every car scrapped helps with their important work.


The Dos and Don'ts of Scrapping a Car in the UK

If you have an old or damaged car that's beyond repair, scrapping it can be a sensible and responsible choice. Not only does it help you get rid of a vehicle that's no longer usable, but it also contributes to environmental sustainability by recycling its materials. However, if you're thinking "Can I scrap a car near me? ", there are some important dos and don'ts to keep in mind to ensure a smooth legal process. In this article, we'll explore the essential guidelines to follow when scrapping a car.

Do: Choose an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF)

When it comes to scrapping a car, it's crucial to choose an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) that complies with environmental regulations and holds the necessary licences. ATFs are authorised by the Environment Agency or the Scottish Environment Protection Agency and are equipped to handle the de-pollution and recycling of end-of-life vehicles. Opting for an ATF guarantees that your car will be dismantled and disposed of in an environmentally friendly and legally compliant manner. Abbey Scrap Cars issue a Cerificate of Destruction (COD's) on all disposed vehicles on behalf of the DVLA.

Don't: Accept Cash Payments

While it may be tempting to accept cash payments for scrapping your car, it's important to know that it is illegal in the UK. The Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 prohibits cash transactions for scrap metal, including vehicles. Legitimate scrap car dealers and ATFs will pay you via bank transfer or issue a cheque. This ensures transparency and a paper trail for the transaction.

Do: Sell to an Authorise Treatment Facility (ATF)

Abbey Scrap Cars, as a licensed Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) will notify the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) about the disposal. By informing the DVLA, we remove any legal responsibilities associated with the vehicle, such as road tax. Failing to inform the DVLA could lead to unnecessary fines or penalties, so your ATF will deal with all the paperwork accordingly and we will issue you with a Certificate of Destruction (COD) on behalf of the DVLA.

Do: Remove Personal Belongings and Documentation

Before handing over your car for scrapping, be sure to remove all personal belongings and important documents. Double-check the glove compartment, boot, and any other storage areas to ensure you haven't left anything behind. Very often we find in vehicles including mobile phones, wallets, and jewellery, which we endeavour to return to the owner.

Do: Check reviews of your chosen Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF)

Abbey Scrap Cars have over 5,300 reviews, with 98% being 5 stars.

Get Your Car Scrapped the Right Way

Scrapping a car in the UK can be a straightforward process if you follow the dos and don'ts outlined in this article. By adhering to these guidelines, you can ensure a legal, environmentally friendly, and hassle-free experience when scrapping your car.


What Documents Do You Need to Scrap Your Car in Gloucestershire?

If you're considering scrappinq a car in Gloucestershire , it helps to understand the necessary documents and paperwork required for the process. Proper documentation ensures a smooth and legal transaction, protecting you from any potential liability issues. In this article, we will outline the key documents you need to have in order when scrapping your car in Gloucestershire.

Documents You Need to Scrap Your Car in Gloucestershire:

If you want to legally scrap your car in Gloucestershire, the most important documentation you'll need to have on hand is your -


For any Authorised Treatment Facility to collect your car, you will need to prove your identity under the scrap metal Dealers Act 2013.

To complete the scrapping process. You can provide a

• valid photocard driver's licence OR

• passport with a supporting utility bill or council tax bill or bank statement or credit card statement. The utility bill must not be more than 3 months old, and we cannot accept mobile phone bill's.

This requirement helps prevent fraudulent activities and ensures that the vehicle is being scrapped by someone who has the right to sell the vehicle.

Helpful but not necessary - Vehicle Registration Document (V5C)

As an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF), Abbey Scrap Cars can scrap your vehicle legally without the V5C, also known as the logbook, as long as the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) can be located on the vehicle. If you do have the V5C at hand, you can pass on to one of our drivers at the time of collection. We issue a Certificate of Destruction (COD) on behalf of the DVLA. This will end all your legal responsibilities with the vehicle.

Get Your Paperwork in Order Before Scrapping Your Car

By ensuring you have all the necessary documents ready, you can streamline the process of scrapping your car in Gloucestershire. Proper documentation not only protects you legally but also enables a smooth transition of ownership. If you have any doubts or questions about the required paperwork, contact Abbey Scrap Cars on 0800 335 5780  to talk you through the process or see our Frequently Asked Questions. Remember, responsible car scrapping contributes to a safer environment and the recycling of valuable resources.


Benefits of Scrapping Your Car with a DVLA-Approved Facility

When it's time to scrap your old car in Cardiff  , scrapping it is a popular option. However, it's essential to ensure that you choose a reputable and trustworthy facility for the process. Scrapping your car with a DVLA-approved facility like Abbey Scrap Cars, who have over 5000 5 star reviews and offers numerous benefits. In this article, we will explore the advantages of scrapping your car with a government regulated Authorised Treatment Facility or ATF and highlights why Abbey Scrap Cars is an excellent choice.

So, let's take a look at some of the benefits of scrapping your car with a DVLA-approved facility like Abbey Scrap Cars.

Compliance with Legal Requirements

One of the primary benefits of scrapping your car with a DVLA-approved facility like Abbey Scrap Cars is ensuring compliance with legal requirements. The DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) is the official body responsible for vehicle registration and licensing in the United Kingdom. By choosing a DVLA-approved facility like us, you can have peace of mind knowing that the entire scrapping process will be conducted in accordance with the law, ensuring proper disposal and documentation.  For further information check out our FAQ's.

Environmentally Friendly Disposal

Another significant advantage of scrapping your car with a DVLA-approved facility is the environmentally friendly disposal of your vehicle. Old and end-of-life cars often contain hazardous materials that can be harmful if not disposed of properly. DVLA-approved facilities have the expertise and resources to handle the disposal of these materials safely, minimising the impact on the environment. Abbey Scrap Cars, for example, follows strict environmental guidelines and ensures that all fluids, batteries, and other potentially harmful components are disposed of responsibly.

Convenient and Efficient Process

Scrapping your car with a DVLA-approved facility like Abbey Scrap Cars offers a convenient and efficient process. Once you contact Abbey Scrap Cars, they will handle all the necessary paperwork, including notifying the DVLA about the scrapping of your vehicle. This saves you from the hassle of dealing with the administrative aspects yourself. Additionally, Abbey Scrap Cars provide pickup services, so you don't have to worry about transporting your car to their facility. Their team will come to your location, collect the vehicle, and ensure that the entire process is completed swiftly and smoothly.

Competitive Prices and Payment

When looking to scrap a car near you  with a DVLA-approved facility, you can expect competitive prices and reliable payment. Abbey Scrap Cars offer fair and transparent pricing for scrap vehicles, considering factors such as the car's condition, make, model, and market value of scrap metal. This ensures that you receive a fair price for your vehicle. Moreover, Abbey Scrap Cars provide secure payment options, ensuring that you receive your payment promptly and without any hassle.

Always Use a DVLA-Approved Facility When Scrapping Your Car

Scrapping your car with a DVLA-approved facility offers several benefits, including compliance with legal requirements, environmentally friendly disposal, convenience, competitive prices, and supporting the local economy. Abbey Scrap Cars is an excellent choice for scrapping your car, as we prioritise proper disposal, customer convenience, and fair pricing. When it's time to say farewell to your old vehicle, consider scrapping it with Abbey Scrap Cars for a hassle-free and environmentally responsible solution.


The Ultimate Guide to Scrapping a Car in Gloucestershire

When the time comes to say goodbye to your old car, scrapping it can be a convenient and environmentally-friendly solution. However, navigating the process of scrapping a car can seem daunting if you're unfamiliar with the procedures involved. In this ultimate guide, we'll walk you through the steps of scrapping a car in Gloucestershire,  ensuring that you have all the necessary information to make the process smooth and hassle-free.

If you're in Gloucestershire and don't know what to do with your old car, then this ultimate guide to scrapping a car in Gloucestershire will tell you all you need to know. So let's get started:

Choosing a Reliable Authorised Treatment Facility

Selecting a trustworthy and reputable scrap car authorised treatment facility is crucial to ensure a seamless experience. One such reliable option in Gloucestershire is Abbey Scrap Cars. With our years of experience in the industry, Abbey Scrap Cars has built a solid reputation for providing efficient and professional services. We offer fair prices for your scrap car and prioritise customer satisfaction throughout the process.

Removing Personal Belongings and Preparing the Vehicle

Before handing over your car for scrapping, it's essential to remove all personal belongings and valuables from the vehicle. Take the time to thoroughly check the interior, boot, and any other compartments to ensure that nothing important is left behind.


We offer convenient options for the collection of your vehicle. We can come to your location to collect the car, without you having to lift a finger, ensuring a hassle-free experience!

Receiving Payment and Certificate of Destruction

Upon collection, Abbey Scrap Cars will make the agreed payment for your scrap car. They will offer the payment via a bank transfer or cheque. They should also provide you with a Certificate of Destruction, once your vehicle is back on site. This is a legal document that confirms the scrapping of your vehicle and absolves you of any further responsibilities as the owner.

Scrapping Your Car in Gloucestershire is Simple

Scrapping a car in Gloucestershire doesn't have to be a complicated process. By following the steps outlined in this ultimate guide, you can ensure a smooth and stress-free experience. Remember to choose a reputable Authorised Treatment Facility like Abbey Scrap Cars, gather all the necessary documents, prepare your vehicle, and contact them to initiate the process. With their professional services, you'll be able to bid farewell to your old car while contributing to a greener future.


Scrapping a Car: Exploring Your Options

The need to recycle metals, especially cars, cannot be overstated. The reason recycling your car is so important is because it's the single largest thing most people can recycle.

As with everything cars get worn out. Either through long term exposure to weather, damage or just old age sometimes they may still be in a useable condition but it unfeasible to keep them on the road because of maintenance issues or the cost of upkeep. But what happens to old cars? We recycle them.

As a leader in scrapping cars Abbey Scrap Cars  is a great choice to scrap your old vehicle but lets explore why.

1. The Trusted Partner: Abbey Scrap Cars

It's imperative to choose a trustworthy partner for your car scrapping journey. As a beacon of trustworthiness within the recycling industry, Abbey Scrap Cars is a great choice to be your reliable partner. As an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) approved by the DVLA, we are required to maintain a high standard when it comes to environmental practices. This assures your old car will be disposed of in a responsible manner. We are also linked directly to the DVLA's database saving you the hassle of navigating the complexities of notifying the DVLA that you've scraped your car. We've designed a streamlined process to make your decision as easy and hassle free as possible.

2. The Value Proposition: Competitive Prices and Convenience

The financial aspect of scrapping a car is undoubtedly a factor to consider. We distinguish ourselves by offering guaranteed prices that often beat the market. With prices updated several times a day, you can always be assured your getting great service and an even better price.

Our team of professional friendly drivers means we can offer flexible collection times to suit your schedule. A great price means you'll be rewarded for doing the environmentally responsible thing and you won't even have to deal with the DVLA. At Abbey Scrap Cars we've made it easy to do the right thing.

3. The Process Unveiled: Simplifying Car Scrapping

The process of scrapping can be challenging, especially if it's your first time scrapping a car. But do not fret; the process is quite straightforward. This is what to expect:

1. Contact: Initiate the process by reaching out to Abbey Scrap Cars. Call tel:0800 334 57 80 or complete our contact form  and a member of our team will be in touch as soon as possible.

2. Quote: Receive a competitive quote for your vehicle.

3. Collection: Select a collection time that suits your convenience.

4. Environmental Responsibility: Trust that your car will be recycled legally and responsibly, reducing its environmental impact.

Empowering Your Decision

Undoubtedly, scrapping your car is a decision that carries both environmental and financial implications. So, it's essential to choose a company that will deliver both perfectly. That is why you should choose Abbey Scrap Cars. By choosing us, you align yourself with a responsible partner who values both. Have an old car to scrap? Contact us.


Maximising Convenience and Value: Scrapping Your Car with Abbey Scrap Cars

The importance of recycling and particularly car recycling can not be underestimated, when sustainability is more important than ever. Not only does recycling your old car contribute towards a greener future by reducing the amount of environmental pollution, but it also pays.

Do you want to recycle your car and are looking for companies to help? Look no further than Abbey Scrap Cars . Abbey Scrap Cars is a DVLA-Approved Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) that offers an exceptional range of services. For a hassle free, simple streamlined process you should contact Abbey Scrap Cars today.

Understanding Abbey Scrap Cars: Your Trusted Car Recycling Partner

Abbey Scrap Cars has established itself as a trusted partner for car recycling, and there's a good reason why: as an ATF (A DVLA approved Authorised Treatment Facility), they've simplified the process for customers by removing the need for notifying the DVLA. This makes the process not just environmentally responsible but quick and remarkably convenient. With a team of dedicated drivers, the area they cover extends throughout Gloucestershire and Bristol to Cirencester, Herefordshire, Monmouthshire, Newport, Stroud, and Swindon, ensuring that you don't have to go the extra mile to contribute positively to the environment.

The value proposition of pricing and benefits

Abbey Scrap Cars unwavering commitment to paying great prices has made them a market leader. Using the latest equipment and technology, they can extract the maximum amount of recyclable material from your old car and that allows them to pay you more. Additionally, it means that we all benefit. As recycling your car contributes to a greener more sustainable future.

Step-by-Step Guide: Scrapping Your Car with Abbey Scrap Cars

1. Call 0800 334 5780 or click Abbey Scrap Cars to initiate the process.

2. Quote: Receive a competitive quote for your vehicle.

3. Collection: Choose a convenient collection time that suits your schedule and relax knowing a professional driver will arrive to take away your old car.

4. Paperwork: We'll handle all the paperwork and the hassle of contacting the DVLA and pay you a great price for your vehicle.

Choosing the Right Location: Customised Localised Service

Abbey Scraps cars are different from most car recycling companies. The friendly service, helpful staff and good pricing makes them stand out from the crowd. But what really sets them apart is the emphasis on a customised service. Collection at a time that suits you, a website with every question answered with real live people (based in Gloucestershire) just a free phone call away and fast payment direct to your bank.

This customised approach has led to thousands of satisfied customers and cars recycled.

A Greener Future, One Car at a Time

Our choices can significantly impact the environment: repair it or replace it. If you are unsure how then head on to Abbey Scrap Cars. Abbey Scrap Cars presents a responsible value-driven option. By partnering with us, you're not only giving your car a new purpose but also contributing to a greener future.

Our convenience-driven process, competitive pricing, and commitment to sustainability make them a standout choice for those looking to recycle their cars. As we journey toward a more eco-conscious tomorrow, Abbey Scrap Cars are there to guide us, one car at a time.


Abbey Scrap Cars' Green Approach in Gloucestershire and Beyond

Are you in search of a car scrap service in Gloucestershire or surrounding areas? Abbey Scrap Cars is here to offer green car recycling services with competitive pricing.

Abbey Scrap Cars is a family-owned car recycler in Gloucestershire and beyond. We are a friendly, reputable, and dependable establishment in South West of England that has been in the metal recycling business since 1968 with over fifty years of experience. Need more reasons to choose us? Read on!

The Green Approach

Not only do we give you a good price for your old car, but we are also concerned about environmental and public health. Hence, our green approach to car recycling.

The green approach is a strategy involving operations aimed at preventing and reducing environmental pollution. Car recycling involves discarding hazardous substances such as coolants, brake fluids and fuel, which as professionals we are trained and practiced do appropriately.

Benefits of Sustainable Car Recycling

In addition to the proper disposal and reduction of toxic wastes and substances, other benefits of scrapping a car at Abbey Scrap Cars include:

1. Improved Air Quality

End-of-life vehicles (ELVs) can produce toxic air pollutants, such as fumes from burning, that are hazardous to the plants, animals and human health. Therefore, recycling these ELVs is imperative. And what could be safer than having professionals like Abbey Scrap Cars handle your car scrapping in Gloucestershire?

2. Decreased National Dependence on Imported Oil

Most ELVs are old vehicles that utilise crude oil products like petroleum and diesel to function. These oils are usually imported into the country before they are processed. Scrapping these old cars and replacing them with low-emission cars or electric cars alleviates the need to import large amounts of crude oil into the country.

3. Improved Road Safety.

Cars evolve, vehicles that are faster, more comfortable, better for the environment and safer are constantly being developed. The judicious scrapping of old vehicles at Abbey Scrap Cars helps by making room for new ones. We can recycle the old one responsibly and ensure that while they may not be used anymore they won't just sit and pollute the environment.

Preservation of Raw Materials

Cars are mainly built with steel, and steel is made from iron. Therefore, scrapping and recycling cars helps in preserving iron ores. The preserved iron ores can then be used to produce other vital products or saved for future use.

Wildlife Protection

Sustainable car recycling also helps in protecting the local fauna and flora. Steel mining is not an eco-friendly activity because it causes erosion and soil pollution, hence inhibiting wildlife from maintaining their usual habitat and habits. Runoff of contaminated soil into water bodies can also be hazardous to aquatic wildlife.

Wrapping it up

Abbey Scrap Cars promises to maintain its green approach to car recycling to guarantee a healthy environment. So, Abbey Scrap Cars answers your question, "Where can I scrap my car in Gloucester?"


How Abbey Scrap Cars Support Eco-Friendly Car Disposal in Monmouthshire

When the time comes to part with your vehicle, choosing an responsible company to send for your beloved car of to the scrap yard in the sky is vital. Abbey Scrap Cars, Monmouthshire's eco-conscious car recycling service, is the recycling service you can trust to make your farewell simple and rewarding. Plus, you will contribute to the eco-stability of the environment when you partner with Abbey Scrap Cars.

Monmouthshire's Go-To Car Recycling Service  

Abbey Scrap Cars is an Authorised Treatment Facility car recycling service with over 40 years of active service to the residents of Monmouthshire. A family owned company that has been offering reliable and eco-friendly services to residents within Monmouthshire for decades.

What sets Abbey Scrap Cars apart is their commitment to responsible end of life vehicle recycling. With a team of dedicated drivers and convenient collection times, Abbey Scrap Cars' makes the process easy and hassle-free. With us, your sure to worry less about scrapping your vehicle. Do you need us? We are only a call away.

Some of the Benefits of Using Abbey Scrap Cars

Considering our location, we offer swift and reliable services to residents within Monmouthshire. But that's not all; there are other benefits of using our servicer:

1. Competitive Pricing and Highest Offers

One of Abbey Scrap Cars' most appealing features is its competitive pricing. We take pride in frequently offering the highest prices for complete cars. This isn't just a selling point; it's a testament to our dedication to customer satisfaction. When you choose Abbey Scrap Cars, you make an financially sound decision and an eco-friendly choice.

2. The Environmental Impact

Responsible car recycling reduces your environmental footprint. By entrusting your car to Abbey Scrap Cars, you're contributing to a reduction in car-related waste and promoting a cleaner, greener future.

3. Convenient Collection Times

Abbey Scrap Cars provides customers in Monmouthshire and the surrounding areas with the convenience of flexible collection schedules. This ensures that the car recycling process is stress-free and accommodates your preferred timing.

In Monmouthshire, you have a local champion for eco-friendly car disposal - Abbey Scrap Cars. Our status as a DVLA-approved Authorised Treatment Facility, competitive pricing, and commitment to responsible recycling make us the ideal choice for those looking to bid farewell to their old cars. Don't just scrap your car; do it responsibly with us. When it's time to part ways with your vehicle, choose Abbey Scrap Cars - your partner in eco-friendly car disposal in Monmouthshire.


Top Scrap Car Prices in Bristol and Surrounding Areas

Abbey Scrap Cars is a family-owned business operated with the best interest of its customers at heart, with strategically placed yards in the Bristol area. They provide professional services which include collection of scrap vehicles from clients, direct recycling of scrap cars from their yard and a green approach to car recycling.

Abbey Scrap Cars has amazing customer service and their 50+ years of experience and investment ensure you get the best value for your scrap cars. The company fully compliant with the Scrap Metal Dealers Act, Waste Management Licensing Regulations, and End-of-life Vehicles Regulations. Here are some perks to trusting Abbey Scrap Cars with your car.

Get Your Scrap Vehicle Quote for Free

An End of Life Vehicle quote is the price offered by an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) when you scrap your car online. The quote is usually influenced by several factors, the majority of which are beyond your control, such as the overall ton-weight of your car and the rate of scrap metals per time.

Abbey Scrap Cars ensures you get your quote without any extra charges or obligations from you. They also do not charge car owners for collecting their cars. Hence, the only payment made is by Abbey Scrap Cars into your account.

Guaranteed Quote Prices

Once you have accepted, your no hassle, no obligation quote the price is fully guaranteed and remains unchanged as long as your car is a complete vehicle .

There can be fluctuations in the scrap metal market and therefore fluctuations in prices. Abbey Scrap Cars guarantee your price for 7 days. Also, it's worth noting that on rare occasions there may be an exception to the guaranteed quote should the vehicle being collected be materially different from the info entered for your quote.

Examples of such cases include missing battery, the absence of wheels or steering wheels which makes the car un-towable, or misleading Abbey Scrap Cars.

Many Types of Cars are Bought

We buy different types of complete vehicles up to 3,500kg Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW), However, vehicles with outstanding finances cannot be accepted and bought from you until the matter is resolved separately.

Timely Payments

The payment for your scrapped car can be made with a cheque or bank transfer. If you choose the bank transfer option, your quotes will be paid into your account once the car arrives at the depot. Cash payment are illegal and cannot be made.


Abbey Scrap Cars is trusted by thousands of car owners yearly and you can be one of them by trusting the company with your scrap car at the top market prices and value. Abbey Scrap Cars is the go-to for scrapping a car in Bristol   and surrounding areas.


Car Scrap Services by Abbey Scrap Cars in Cirencester

In the town of Cirencester, just at the heart of Gloucestershire, a reliable car recycling service is more appreciated now than ever. Whether your old car has reached the end of its road or you want to free up some space, Abbey Scrap Cars is your go-to solution. As a DVLA-approved Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF), Abbey Scrap Cars not only offers top-notch car recycling, but we also offer unmatched conveniences. Let's explore how our car scrapping service in Cirencester makes your life easier.

The Abbey Scrap Cars Advantage

The most common benefit of Abbey Scrap Cars is the ease of accessibility to car owners. Abbey Scrap Cars has a variety of drivers who will be able to come and pick your car up, either at your home address or place of work, ready to be scrapped. There are other benefits of Abbey Scrap cars that you should know:

1. DVLA-Approved Excellence

Abbey Scrap Cars prides itself in being a DVLA-approved Authorised Treatment Facility, but what does that mean for you? It means you need not navigate the hassle of DVLA because Abbey Scrap Cars has got you covered. We have all the regulatory boxes checked, so you can rest easy knowing your vehicle will be handled legally and responsibly.

2. Convenient Collection Times

One of the standout features of Abbey Scrap Cars is our commitment to convenience. We understand that your time is valuable, which is why we offer collection times that suit your schedule. Whether you're a busy professional or prefer an afternoon pickup, get in touch with us - we have things under control!

3. Top Prices for Your Car

You must consider getting the best price for your end of life vehicle, and Abbey Scrap Cars undoubtedly offers the best price for car recycling. At Abbey Scrap Cars, we offer some of the highest prices for complete cars in the area. This commitment to competitive pricing makes us a popular choice among those looking to part ways with their vehicles at good prices.

4. Cirencester and Beyond

Whilst Cirencester is at the centre of our service area, Abbey Scrap Cars extends its convenient car collection services to several other regional locations. Whether you're in Bristol, Stroud, Herefordshire, Monmouthshire, Newport, Swindon or surrounding locations, you can count on Abbey Scrap Cars to be there when you need them most!

How We Operate

How we operate at Abbey Scrap Cars is simple, here's a simple highlight of the process:

1. Contact Abbey Scrap Cars: Contact our friendly team by phone or through their website where you can get an instant quote for your vehicle.

2. Arrange a Collection Time: Pick a time that suits you best for the collection of your vehicle.  We are sure to work around your schedule.

3. Relax and Wait: After scheduling a time, our team will arrive at your location, ready to take care of everything.

4. Get Paid: Once your vehicle is collected, you'll receive your payment promptly. No hassle, no fuss.

To Wrap It Up

Suppose you're in Cirencester and need a hassle-free, convenient way to recycle your old car.  Look no further than Abbey Scrap Cars. At Abbey Scrap Cars  , we offer competitive pricing and flexible collection times for car owners seeking a stress-free solution. Say goodbye to that old car cluttering your space and hello to the convenience of Abbey Scrap Cars. Contact us today and experience professional car recycling services for yourself.


Tips for Preparing Your Car for Car Recycling

If you are thinking of recycling your car, look no further than Abbey Scrap Cars. Abbey Scrap Cars is a DVLA-approved Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) car recycling service  that scraps cars easily and is environmentally friendly. Before your car gets to us, you have a role to play in eco-friendly car recycling. In this guide, we'll provide you with valuable tips to get your vehicle ready for recycling.

Why Recycle Your Car?

Before we dive into the main preparation process for car recycling, let's briefly explore why recycling your car is a great idea. Car recycling has significant environmental benefits because it reduces the demand for new raw materials and energy. Recycling your car can also earn you some extra cash, which is always a welcome bonus.

Things to do while preparing your car for recycling:

1. Check for Personal Belongings

The first step in preparing your car for recycling is to remove all personal items. It's easy to forget items hidden in the glove compartment, under seats, or in the boot. To avoid losing anything valuable, ensure you make a checklist of commonly forgotten items such as sunglasses, CDs, or important documents.

2. Gather and Organise Necessary Documents

While car recycling is a direct process with Abbey Scrap Cars, you should still gather and organise your essential documents. Fortunately, you do not need a V5 document for our services since we are a DVLA-approved ATF. However, having your identification - photocard driving license OR valid passport with supporting document of council tax bill or bank/credit card statement or a utility bill dated within the last 3 months at the ready is still a good idea.

3. Contact Abbey Scrap Cars for Collection

With your car prepared for recycling, it's time to contact Abbey Scrap Cars for collection. We offer convenient collection times, and can collect from your home or works address making it stress-free for you. Plus, our team of drivers operates in various areas, including Gloucestershire and Bristol.

You can ensure a seamless and environmentally responsible car recycling process with Abbey Scrap Cars. At Abbey Scrap Cars, we make it easy for you to dispose of your old vehicle while contributing to a cleaner planet.

Recycling your car has never been more convenient, so take a step towards a greener future with Abbey Scrap Cars . Get in touch with us today to schedule your car collection and experience the benefits of car recycling.


Sustainable Car Recycling: Abbey Scrap Cars Leading the Way in Gloucestershire and Beyond

Environmental consciousness is paramount, car recycling has become more than just a responsible choice; it's necessary. A company that is taking the lead in this fight for sustainable car recycling in Gloucestershire   and beyond is Abbey Scrap Cars. Abbey Scrap Cars is a car recycling service with a commitment to eco-friendly practices and a reputation for offering top-notch services. If you are looking for an effective way to dispose of your old vehicles, Abbey Scrap Cars should be your go-to option.

The Importance of Sustainable Car Recycling

As we say goodbye to our trusty old cars, ensuring their end-of-life journey is as eco-friendly as possible is vital. This is the point where Abbey Scrap Cars comes in. As a DVLA-approved Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF), Abbey Scrap Cars follows strict environmental guidelines for recycling vehicles and minimising their impact on the planet.

Abbey Scrap Cars' Home Ground

Abbey Scrap Cars has a consideration for the local community and environment. We understand the unique needs of Gloucestershire residents and have tailored our services to make car recycling a breeze in the region. Whether in Winchcombe, Gloucester, Stroud, or anywhere else in the county, Abbey Scrap Cars is just a call away.

Competitive Prices

Our biggest selling point is our commitment to offering the best prices for complete cars. When you're looking to scrap your car, receiving a fair price can make all the difference. At Abbey Scrap Cars, we provide competitive rates and ensure a hassle-free process from start to finish.

Further, as a company, we boast of a team of drivers who can collect your vehicle from a location that suits you , saving you the time and effort of delivering it to them. Our drivers are strategically located in Gloucestershire, and we can arrange a convenient collection time that suits our customers' schedules.

Eco-Friendly Practices at the Core

At Abbey Scrap Cars, we showcase a strong commitment to sustainability that extends to every aspect of our operations. In this light, we responsibly dismantle and recycle vehicles, salvaging valuable materials and ensuring that harmful substances are disposed of safely. By choosing Abbey Scrap Cars, you're earning cash for your old car and contributing to a cleaner, greener future.

Choosing Abbey Scrap Cars

When it's time to say goodbye to your old vehicle, choose to partner with Abbey Scrap Cars. The reason is plausible- we have a dedication to sustainable practices, competitive pricing, and convenient collection services. We are undoubtedly leading the way in Gloucestershire and beyond. Say farewell to your old car while making a positive impact on the environment - Abbey Scrap Cars makes it easy, and they make it right.

Contact  Abbey Scrap Cars today and experience the difference in sustainable car recycling. Together, we can drive towards a cleaner, more eco-conscious future.

How Scrapping Your Car Helps the Environment

Dealing with Abbey Scrap Cars mean that car scrapping in Bristol   is simple and direct and doesn't involve heavy manufacturing processes or unwanted pollution. During car scrapping also known as car recycling, essential parts of the car, like the engine, are removed from the car.  The liquids are drained and the tyres removed, these are then reused or recycled. Finally, the car is crushed. Then, the different metals in the car separated for recycling.

Weather your in Bristol or the surrounding area scrapping your car is, famously one of the most beneficial things you can for the environment as an individual. But if your unclear on how exactly it helps the environment. Read on.....

1. Reuse Effects

The reuse effect is the name given to the reduction in energy expenditure needed if you reuse what you already have instead of making a new one.

Reuse limits the amount of pollution emitted, reusing a car part for example means less metal ore needs to be extracted from the ground. Less fossil fuels must be burned to refine the metal ore, less energy is used moving the product from a to b and as a bonus you may even save money.

2. Preservation of Natural Resources

It's often overlooked, but the preservation of natural resources is another important benefit of the recycling process. It's simple. Metals recovered from your recycled car can be reused in other products like washing machines, electric irons, blenders and even cars.

Because of the availability of these raw materials in car scrap yards in Bristol, there is reduced pressure on mining for iron. Consequently, it limits the depletion of raw materials and reduces the pollution caused to the environment by mining.

3. Proper Disposal of Scrap

Car tyres, car batteries, engines and electronic components are removed from a car before scrapping it. Since you know this, where do you think the fluid will go? Let me help you: even before removing car tyres and batteries, car fluids like brake oil and antifreeze are drained from the car and properly disposed of to keep the environment safe from pollution.

In the cases of car batteries, the battery and its fluid are recycled or reused in another car. But one thing is sure: the toxic substances in your car are safe and properly disposed of to keep the environment safe.

Keeping the Environment Safe

Scrapping a car in Bristol has long-term benefits to the environment - saving energy and reducing pollution. More importantly, who you choose to scrap your old car is just as important as scrapping your car. Use reliable car scrapping  services to save the environment and get monetary value in return for your old car.

Use Abbey Scrap Cars Call 0800334 5780 or click  today to get your free no obligation quote.


How to Choose the Best Car Scrapping Services (HINT: It's Us)

There are many things to consider when choosing a car scrapping service in Newport. This article discusses the things to consider before choosing a company to scrap your old car. So, we solve the mysteries of asking frequent questions like "Where do I scrap my car in Newport  ."?

The hallmark of a good car scrapping company in Newport is the inclusion of environmentally friendly practices. A good car scrapping service must be able to dispose of a without harming the environment.

As with any service another hallmark of a good car scrapping company is the length of time it's been around, which translates to years of quality service. Aside from having environmentally friendly practices and years of quality service, transparency is important to.

Nothing beats transparency in business. Firstly, transparency ensures that consumers can make informed decisions about their choice of service provider. Plus, it is crucial for ethical and environmental considerations. When a car scrapping company is open and honest about its pricing, procedures, and policies, customers can confidently assess whether its services align with their needs. Without transparency, hidden fees, ambiguous terms, or undisclosed practices can lead to unpleasant surprises and disputes, eroding trust in the industry as a whole.

1. Insurance

You cannot separate a good company from insurance. It demonstrates that the company is committed to professionalism and customer accountability. It also demonstrates the company's proactiveness to its customers' physical and financial welfare. Undoubtedly, insurance reflects a company's stance on customer welfare.

The reason insurance plays a vital role in choosing a car scrapping in Newport is simple - It's a safety net in times of trouble. Because of the several risks involved in car scrapping, there are higher chances of accidents. An insured company will provide a safety net to the car owner and prevent unnecessary costs. Hence, there is a need to use companies with insured services.

2. The Pricing

Just as it is with any business, car scrapping companies differ in the pricing they offer. Some car scrapping companies offer lower pricing as compared to others, often as a result of location. Meanwhile, the services rendered by the car scrapping company may also impact the pricing you will receive. To help you, choose companies like Abbey Scrap Cars with years of experience and customer service. How do you know this? Check out our website for customer reviews and a list of services they offer.

Choosing A Company

Choosing the right scrapping service for your old cars has just gotten easier. There are three considerations to make for a seamless selection of a car scrapping service: transparency, insurance and pricing. We believe you can get your money's worth while turning in your old car for scrapping. Use Abbey Scrap Cars for top-notch services.

Get the process started today!

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Sell Vs. Scrap:

Your Options for Disposing of an Unwanted Vehicle

One day you'll have to say goodbye to your car, regardless of how well maintained it is. But at least your get to choose how you say that good-bye. But what are your options and how do you decide. This article provides you with points to consider when choosing to say good-bye to your trusty chariot by selling it or scrap your car in Gloucestershire .

Selling Your Car

Selling your old car is only an option if it is in working condition. If it's not it's probably best to scrap it, rather than put money into it just to sell it.

Remember that scrapping your car is just another way of selling it. Although if it's in a working condition, with an MOT it may be more profitable to sell rather than scrap it.

If your car is getting on it may take a bit of effort to sell it. Preparing it for sale, listing it and dealing with the numerous people who contact you can all be time consuming and tiring. So, for many people the best solution for older cars is to scrap them. It takes less time and effort and when dealing with a reputable company like ABBEYSCARPCARS.COM  they will take care of all the required paperwork and are easy to deal with.

The Scrap Option

Scrapping is the final destination of any car. Even if you resell your old car, it will end up in a scrap yard sooner or later. But why would a car owner scrap the car rather than sell it?

1. Environmental Responsibility: scrapping a car provides environmental benefits because it doesn't pollute the environment. Many old car engines are not as efficient as they once were at burning fuel. This means they emit environmentally damaging gases or worse leak fuel. As cars get older the repairs get more common and often costly. It also benefits the environment if and old car is taken off the roads and is replaced by a new more efficient model.

2. Relatively high prices: At Abbey Scrap Cars, we offer high pricing for cars sold to us. Our pricing is high and can be almost the same as reselling your car. Why not resell your car and save the environment? We have trained professionals who dispose of harmful car parts, like battery fluid.

Choosing the Right Option

Deciding on whether to sell your car or scrap it depends on personal preferences. We have highlighted some factors to consider when it comes to the end of your vehicle life. Some of the factors we highlighted are the working condition of your car, the pricing of old parts and the environmental effects of selling or scrapping your car.

In all of these, we don't downplay the role of contacting professional car scrapping services. Car scrapping services like Abbey Scrap Cars handle scrapping your car professionally. For those in Gloucestershire, Bristol, Herefordshire, and surrounding areas, Abbey Scrap Cars offers a reliable and convenient scrapping service, ensuring you get the best value for your old vehicle and help the environment at the same time.

Contact us   today to see what your old cars worth so you can make an informed decision.

0800 334 5780 and speak to a person! and get your quote online.


Understanding the Legalities of Scrapping Your Car

You will already be aware of the financial and environmental benefits of scrapping your car. But let me reiterate in case you're not aware. Scrapping your car offers financial benefits, depending on the car scrapping service that buys your car - some buy at a more reasonable cost than others. It also helps to preserve the environment since you don't leave your car abandoned on the street, polluting the environment.

That said, the process of car scrapping service is easy but has complexities around it!

Legal Steps to Scrapping Your Car

The first step to disposing of your car is finding an ATF (Authorised Treatment Facility). An ATF is a legally approved scrap yard that follows specific rules when dismantling and disposing of scrap cars. When a car scrap company has an ATF PERMIT, it means that the company has been licensed by the Environmental Agency of that region to scrap cars. Or better still, the car scrap company in Newport  has been licensed to scrap cars because they do in environmentally stable processes. And Abbey Scrap Cars is licensed.

After locating a Scrapyard, you proceed to hand them the right documents like Proof of Address and Photo ID (this is a UK photocard driving license OR passport with supporting documents such as a council tax bill, bank/credit card statement or a utility bill dated within the last 3 months). The ID that is seen is the person that is paid.

Why Should You Scrap Your Cars?

We already established that scrapping your car gives financial rewards to you and it also helps do away with old cars in an environmentally friendly process. It might also interest you to know that scrapping your car reduces the workload on mining. Car scrap services have conveyor belts that convey already crushed iron parts along a magnetic chamber, where the iron parts are separated from other parts of scrapped parts. These iron parts are then used in making washing machines, blenders and other car parts.

So you see? Scrapping your car helps to reduce iron mining.

When Should You Scrap Your Car?

Scrapping your car may become necessary when you begin to spend large amounts of money on repairs. It only makes more sense to give it up for scrapping and save yourself money for repairs.

Reach out to a trusted company for car scrapping in Newport  like Abbey Scrap Cars for the best prices.


What to Know Before Scrapping Your Car in Gloucester

Scrapping a car can be a tough decision - but when it's reached the end of its life, you know it's destined for the scrap yard. Here are five steps to make scrapping your car in Gloucester as smooth and simple as possible.

Prepare Documentation

Before arranging for a vehicle pickup, you will need your ID and, in most cases, a V5C registration certificate (log book). Proof of identity is a legal requirement, and your vehicle can't be collected or paid for until you provide it.

Don't worry if you don't have a log book to hand or if it's not in your name. While it will speed up the process, not all car-scrapping companies in Gloucester require it. At Abbey Scrap Cars, all we ask is that you have a valid photo ID, such as a driver's license or passport, to confirm your identity.

Remove Personal Belongings

Check and double-check that you haven't left anything in the car. Your vehicle doesn't need to be clean or tidy, but car scrapping services aren't responsible for your belongings, nor can they guarantee their recovery. Some customers decide to remove their license plate too. This is highly recommended if you want to transfer your plate to another car.

Left one of your valuables in the glove compartment? There may still be a chance to reclaim it. Contact the scrap yard or car scrapping service immediately, and they will do their best to return it to you.

Some of our customers at Abbey Scrap Cars choose to leave some extra scrap metal in the car. As long as it's not in the way of the steering wheel, bonnet release catch or pedals, that's fine with us! But always check company guidelines beforehand.

Find Places in Gloucester to Scrap Your Car

Search online for car scrapping in Gloucester to compare quotes. These will be calculated based on weight, age, model and completeness, but prices will vary between companies. Your best option is to find an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) - a scrap yard or vehicle dismantler that is licensed by the Environment Agency. ATFs will offer the best prices and can guarantee that your vehicle will be handled responsibly, adhering to legal and environmental guidelines.

Avoid Hidden Fees

Some companies will charge you extra for collections and administration. Watch out for those hidden fees; those car-scrapping services aren't as cheap as they seem!

Abbey Scrap Cars is an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) that will pick up your vehicle free of charge not just in Gloucester, but also in Bristol, Cardiff, Cheltenham, Hereford, Monmouth, Newport, Tewkesbury, and Worcester. We won't charge you for administration either; that's included in the service.

Get a Fixed Price

Ready to get a quote? It's free and there's no obligation to accept. Just enter your vehicle registration and postcode here and you can get one instantly. Once you accept the quote, the price is fixed and we'll contact you to arrange a collection time within 4 business hours.


Scrapping a Car: Exploring Your Options

You've decided it's time to part ways with your car, but what next? Should you sell it to a scrap yard? Dismantle it yourself? In this article, we'll cover your best options for scrapping your car in Gloucester.

When to Scrap a Car

If you're torn between scrapping your car and selling it, there are a few factors to consider. How run-down is your vehicle? Is it in need of costly repairs? People often make the mistake of spending large amounts of money to fix their vehicle when the more cost-effective option is to scrap it. It can also be time-consuming to find a buyer who is interested in an old, damaged car.

Scrapping a car can be a quick, hassle-free, and environmentally friendly process that involves depolluting and either re-using or recycling the car's materials. You can find many places in Gloucester to scrap your car for a fair price, following legal and responsible procedures.

What is the Scrap Value of My Car?

The scrap value of your car is determined by its weight, age, model and completeness. If you're unsure whether your vehicle could fetch a decent price, it's worth doing some research beforehand. For an accurate assessment of your car's scrap value, simply enter your details here, and we'll calculate it for you!

When it comes to scrapping your car in Gloucester, you've got two options: sell it to a scrap yard or contact a car scrapping service.

Car Scrap Yards in Gloucester

Selling directly to a car scrap yard requires some preparation. Not all scrap yards are Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATFs) or follow the required standards for depolluting and recycling a vehicle. You may need to gather documentation, including a copy of the V5C, your driver's license, and your passport with supporting documents i.e. council tax bill OR utility bill, credit card or bank statement dated within the last 3 months.

Be wary of scrap yards that aren't licensed by the Environmental Agency or are willing to pay for scrap in cash. If you're searching for places to scrap your car in Gloucester, contact multiple scrap yards to get the best deal. You will have to notify the DVLA once your car has been scrapped; otherwise, you could be fined £1,000.

Using a Car Scrapping Service

Car scrapping services offer a package deal that is especially convenient if your car is not roadworthy. Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATFs) are the less risky option because they can generate a Certificate of Destruction (CoD), notifying the DVLA that the car is no longer yours and relinquishing your responsibility of the vehicle.

Our team at Abbey Scrap Cards will handle the entire process for you, from providing a fixed quote to picking up your vehicle and issuing a CoD. We can guarantee that your car will be recycled responsibly for a fair price, in compliance with environmental regulations.

Car Scrapping in Gloucester

Abbey Scrap Cars is an Authorised Treatment Facility that covers the areas of Bristol, Gloucester, Cheltenham, Tewkesbury, Hereford, Worcester, Newport, and Monmouth.

Get in touch with us for a fixed quote today, and arrange a vehicle pickup at a time and place that's convenient for you.


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